Coyote Blue Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Christopher Moore
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Section 1: chapter 1-3

• Twenty years after fleeing Crow Country, Sam leaves his office, sees a woman named Calliope, and is immediately smitten with her .

• An Indian with golden eyes appears and asks if Sam wants her, then throws a knife into the woman's tire.

• Sam gives Calliope a ride to work and momentarily forgets his next appointment when he realizes the Indian had golden eyes.

• Adeline sees Pokey, lying in the grass drunk, outside Wiley's Food and Gas.

• Pokey tells Adelne he must warn his nephew of his medicine dream where his nephew threw a cop off the bridge.

• Pokey shouts that he saw a screech owl, a bad omen, and Adeline, who recently converted to Christianity, scans the sky.
• Sam attends a business meeting to sell a policy to Cable and Cochran.

• Cochran does not want the policy because he refuses to bet against himself.

• Sam is...

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