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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What commission does the Baron get for Lisbeth's admirer?
(a) A group for Monsieur Crevel.
(b) A statue of Napoleon.
(c) A statue of Marshal Montcornet.
(d) A clock for the prince.

2. With what major event do the beginnings of Monsieur Hulot's infidelities coincide?
(a) The end of the empire.
(b) The end of the monarchy.
(c) The Glorious Revolution.
(d) The French Revolution.

3. What word means animal of the rocks or chamois?
(a) Rocamadour.
(b) Crevel.
(c) Steinbock.
(d) Hulot.

4. In his dedication, to what job does the author compare his work as a novelist?
(a) Professor of philosophy.
(b) Theatre actor.
(c) Doctor of social medicine.
(d) Supreme Court Justice.

5. Why has the Baroness' brother-in-law never married?
(a) He has been serving his country.
(b) He has been horribly disfigured in the war.
(c) He has been busy amassing his fortune.
(d) He has been looking for a second Adeline.

Short Answer Questions

1. With whom is Lisbeth on good terms in all of the houses she frequents?

2. Why does the Baron decide to give Lisbeth a trade?

3. Who is the author of Cousin Bette?

4. How much older is the Baroness than her cousin Bette?

5. What is the nationality of Lisbeth's romantic interest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does the Baron go after he finds the opera to be closed? What does he learn when he arrives there?

2. How does Lisbeth meet Wenceslas in the first place? What is the relationship between them after this first meeting?

3. What does Lisbeth advise Wenceslas to do after the visit from Monsieur Grasset and what reason does she give for this? What does she promise to do?

4. What solution does Monsieur Crevel propose to the Baroness for the problem of Hortense's dowry? What other options does he tell her she has available to her?

5. With whom does Lisbeth discuss the Baron's fascination with Valerie Marneffe? According to Lisbeth, what has Baron Hulot done to win her favor?

6. Whom does Hortense decide to marry? What is the relationship between Hortense's intended and Lisbeth? Why does Baron Hulot tell her that Cousin Bette will not be an obstacle to Hortense's intended marriage?

7. How do Monsieur Crevel and Monsieur Hulot know one another? How are they related? What occasioned their falling out?

8. What information about Wenceslas' professional life does Valerie give to Lisbeth? What information about Wenceslas' personal life does she give Lisbeth? How does Lisbeth react to this news?

9. Whom does Wenceslas see when he returns home? Whom does he say has purchased his bronze group and offered him work?

10. What does Lisbeth tell Hortense and Adeline has happened to Wenceslas? How does Hortense react? How is Bette's lie discovered?

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