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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the nationality of Lisbeth's romantic interest?
(a) Russian.
(b) German.
(c) Pole.
(d) Swiss.

2. What nickname does the Baron give to Lisbeth?
(a) Old-girl.
(b) Pretty-Lizzie.
(c) Nanny-goat.
(d) Bright-eyes.

3. How do Monsieur Hulot and Monsieur Crevel become acquainted?
(a) Through their mistresses.
(b) Through their military service.
(c) Through their parents.
(d) Through their children.

4. How much older is the Baroness than her cousin Bette?
(a) Fifteen days.
(b) Ten years.
(c) Five years.
(d) Three years.

5. In his dedication, to what job does the author compare his work as a novelist?
(a) Supreme Court Justice.
(b) Theatre actor.
(c) Professor of philosophy.
(d) Doctor of social medicine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who steals Lisbeth's admirer?

2. What reason does Lisbeth give Wenceslas to convince him not to write to anyone from jail about his predicament?

3. Who considers herself to be the family confessional?

4. Who buys the group from Wenceslas?

5. For how long does Monsieur Crevel estimate that the Baroness will remain beautiful?

Short Essay Questions

1. What plan do Lisbeth and Hortense agree upon to help out Lisbeth's admirer? Who accompanies Hortense on this mission? Whom does her escort take notice of during this venture?

2. After Wenceslas sells his bronze group, who comes to visit Lisbeth at her flat? What is the purpose of this visit?

3. What proof does Lisbeth provide of the existence of her admirer? What does she receive from Hortense in exchange for this information?

4. Why does the Baroness summon Monsieur Crevel? Which of Monsieur Crevel's actions have affected the Baroness? Why has he acted this way?

5. With whom does Lisbeth discuss the Baron's fascination with Valerie Marneffe? According to Lisbeth, what has Baron Hulot done to win her favor?

6. Whom does Hortense decide to marry? What is the relationship between Hortense's intended and Lisbeth? Why does Baron Hulot tell her that Cousin Bette will not be an obstacle to Hortense's intended marriage?

7. What does Lisbeth advise Wenceslas to do after the visit from Monsieur Grasset and what reason does she give for this? What does she promise to do?

8. Where does the Baron go after he finds the opera to be closed? What does he learn when he arrives there?

9. Who is Valerie Marneffe's father? Why does she inherit nothing upon his death?

10. What solution does Monsieur Crevel propose to the Baroness for the problem of Hortense's dowry? What other options does he tell her she has available to her?

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