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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 287 to 437.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What becomes of Johann Fischer's accomplice in the embezzlement scheme?
(a) He is incarcerated.
(b) He is found not guilty.
(c) He flees.
(d) He commits suicide.

2. How long had Lisbeth's beau been working on the figurine she shows to Hortense?
(a) Eighteen months.
(b) Two years.
(c) Ten months.
(d) Twelve months.

3. What nickname does the Baron give to Lisbeth?
(a) Bright-eyes.
(b) Nanny-goat.
(c) Old-girl.
(d) Pretty-Lizzie.

4. What is the significance of the name Mirah?
(a) It is the name of a town in Israel.
(b) It is the name of a German town.
(c) It is the German word for light.
(d) It is an anagram of Hiram, thereby denoting Jewish heritage.

5. According to the narrator, no men are more humane than those of which group?
(a) Soldiers.
(b) Lawyers.
(c) Lovers.
(d) Fathers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does Lisbeth dream of marrying?

2. With what major event do the beginnings of Monsieur Hulot's infidelities coincide?

3. Who convinces Crevel not to lend Adeline the 200,000 francs that she is in dire need of?

4. How long after moving to the Rue Vaneau does Valerie wait before receiving Monsieur Crevel?

5. What proof of the affair between Valerie and Hector Hulot is in the possession of Monsieur Marneffe?

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