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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 149 - 286.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What significant change to his appearance does Valerie induce Baron Hulot to make?
(a) He stops dying his hair.
(b) He loses weight.
(c) He shaves off his beard.
(d) He stops wearing his military uniform.

2. Where does Valerie mention having seen Wenceslas in person before their first formal meeting in her house?
(a) His wedding.
(b) His studio.
(c) Church.
(d) Lisbeth's flat.

3. What bad news does Johann Fischer communicate to Hector Hulot in a letter?
(a) A Public Prosecutor is investigating Hector and Johann's dealings in Algeria.
(b) Johann Fischer is terminally ill and does not have long to live.
(c) Johann Fischer has been left by his wife.
(d) The War Ministry has exhausted all of its funds in Algeria.

4. Who is the third man to whom Valerie Marneffe tells he is going to be the father of her child?
(a) Stidman.
(b) Vignon.
(c) Crevel.
(d) Montejanos.

5. Who informs Lisbeth that Wenceslas is to marry Hortense?
(a) Wenceslas.
(b) Madame Marneffe.
(c) The Baroness.
(d) Hortense.

Short Answer Questions

1. What circumstances led to Stidman's introduction to Valerie in the Rue Vaneau?

2. Who sees Monsieur Hulot in a front stall at the Varietes with Jenny Cadine?

3. The author dedicates the novel to a scholar who studies which writer?

4. What is Monsieur Crevel doing while waiting for the Baroness to enter the sitting room?

5. Besides leading Wenceslas astray, for what other family disgrace is Baron Hulot responsible?

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