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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 287 to 437.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arranges for Wenceslas to be released from prison?
(a) Lisbeth
(b) The Baron.
(c) Crevel.
(d) Stidman.

2. Which two women become much closer due to their new living arrangement?
(a) Hortense and Lisbeth.
(b) Adeline and Lisbeth.
(c) Hortense and Celestine.
(d) Lisbeth and Valerie.

3. Where is Monsieur le Baron Henri Montes de Montejanos from?
(a) Brazil.
(b) Seville.
(c) Córdoba.
(d) Venezuela.

4. What does Stidman tell Wenceslas to get him to leave his second meeting with Valerie and return home?
(a) His son is dying.
(b) His wife is in trouble.
(c) His wife is dying.
(d) His son is ill.

5. Who makes an unexpected visit to Victorin and Celestine?
(a) Crevel.
(b) Valerie Marneffe.
(c) Hector Hulot.
(d) The Prince of Wissembourg.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Valerie explain her relationship to Montejanos?

2. What is Monsieur Crevel doing while waiting for the Baroness to enter the sitting room?

3. What commission does the Baron get for Lisbeth's admirer?

4. What name does Baron Hulot use while he is living with Olympe Bijou?

5. How many suitors has Lisbeth rejected?

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