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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 149 - 286.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Adeline attempt to console Hortense after her first quarrel with Wenceslas?
(a) She reminds her that Wenceslas has never lied to her before.
(b) She assures her that Valerie Marneffe is a decent woman.
(c) She confesses Hector's infidelities.
(d) She tells her that all men are animals.

2. What financial difficulty do the Marneffes face?
(a) They have no source of income.
(b) They are behind on their rent payments.
(c) They have medical expenses.
(d) They have to pay off Madame Marneffe's family's debts.

3. Lisbeth offers to arrange a loan on good terms for Hortense and Wenceslas from whom?
(a) The Duc d´Hérouville.
(b) Celestin Crevel.
(c) Valerie Marneffe.
(d) Marshal Hulot.

4. Where does the Baroness come from?
(a) Lorraine.
(b) Paris.
(c) Normandy.
(d) Gibraltar.

5. When the quartermaster arrives to speak privately with Hector, what does he expect the man has brought for him?
(a) News from the Prince of Wissembourg.
(b) Money from Algeria.
(c) A letter from Johann Fischer.
(d) A new uniform.

Short Answer Questions

1. To which Shakespeare character does the narrator compare Montejanos, due to his physique and complexion?

2. Whose post in the War Ministry does Baron Hulot attempt to obtain for Marneffe?

3. Whom does Lisbeth dream of marrying?

4. How does Hortense react upon learning that Wenceslas has lied to her about his whereabouts?

5. Who does Wenceslas tell Lisbeth has purchased his group?

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