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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 287 to 437.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Baron want Lisbeth to move to the Rue Vaneau?
(a) To spy on Madame Marneffe.
(b) To be closer to the family.
(c) To distance her from Hortense.
(d) To live in a more fashionable area.

2. Who is the third man to whom Valerie Marneffe tells he is going to be the father of her child?
(a) Stidman.
(b) Crevel.
(c) Montejanos.
(d) Vignon.

3. Why is cousin Bette not accepted in society?
(a) She is unmarried.
(b) She is poorly dressed.
(c) She is handicapped.
(d) She is an orphan.

4. What position does the Prince of Wissembourg procure for Adeline?
(a) Chief of Philanthropy.
(b) Superintendent of Charities.
(c) Minister of War.
(d) Justice of the Peace.

5. How does Adeline attempt to console Hortense after her first quarrel with Wenceslas?
(a) She tells her that all men are animals.
(b) She confesses Hector's infidelities.
(c) She reminds her that Wenceslas has never lied to her before.
(d) She assures her that Valerie Marneffe is a decent woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does the Prince of Wissembourg call into his office and accuse of ruining Hector Hulot?

2. What bad news does Johann Fischer communicate to Hector Hulot in a letter?

3. Where does Bette convince Wenceslas to go despite Hortense forbidding him from doing so?

4. Who informs Hector that Valerie Marneffe conspired with her husband to blackmail him?

5. How long has Monsieur Crevel been a widower?

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