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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 287 to 437.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A letter from which continent sets off a chain of events that will ruin Lisbeth's happiness?
(a) Africa.
(b) Antarctica.
(c) Asia.
(d) America.

2. What "medicine" does Marshal Hulot prescribe for Hector after his disgrace and resignation?
(a) Hemlock.
(b) A pair of pistols.
(c) Cyanide.
(d) A passage to America.

3. Who convinces Crevel not to lend Adeline the 200,000 francs that she is in dire need of?
(a) Marshal Hulot.
(b) Celestine Crevel.
(c) Valerie Marneffe.
(d) Lisbeth Fischer.

4. In her letter, what excuse does Valerie have for changing the time of her meeting with the Baron on the Rue du Dauphin?
(a) Lisbeth is coming to meet with her at that time.
(b) Monsieur Marneffe is ill and she must care for him.
(c) She has a headache.
(d) She has morning sickness.

5. Who considers herself to be the family confessional?
(a) Hortense.
(b) Adeline.
(c) Jenny Cadine.
(d) Lisbeth.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why has the Baroness' brother-in-law never married?

2. According to the narrator, what is the fundamental feature of Lisbeth's character?

3. What financial difficulty do the Marneffes face?

4. Why is Madame Marneffe denied an inheritance?

5. What significant change to his appearance does Valerie induce Baron Hulot to make?

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