Cousin Bette: Part One of Poor Relations Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Monsieur Crevel visits the Baroness at her home.

* The Baroness confronts Crevel and asks if he is responsible for the failure of her daughter Hortense's engagement.

* Crevel admits to having sabotaged Hortense's engagement as an act of retribution against the Baron.

* Crevel explains that the Baron, Hulot, stole his mistress, Josepha, from him.

* Crevel offers to pay Hortense's dowry if the Baroness will agree to be his mistress for ten years.

* The Baroness refuses Crevel's offer and asks his advice in desperation.

* Crevel tells the Baroness that her only options are to take his offer, to find an older gentleman who wants children to marry Hortense, or to find a poor artist in the city to marry her who will not expect a dowry.

* Hortense and Lisbeth gossip in the garden, and Lisbeth tells Hortense that she has an admirer.

* It is revealed that Lisbeth is...

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