Counting by 7s Short Essay - Answer Key

Holly Goldberg Sloan
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1. In Chapter 1, why is there a police car parked at Willow's house?

A police car is parked at Willow's house when Dell Duke drives her home. Willow's parents have been in an accident, and the police are there to tell what happened.

2. In Chapter 2, what are Willow's obsessions?

Willow has three major obsessions. The first is the number seven. The other two are medical conditions and plants. She spends her time considering multiples of seven, observing people and their medical conditions, and growing and watching plants.

3. Who was Willow's friend in grade school, and what happened to the friendship?

Margaret Z. Buckle was Willow's companion at Rose Elementary. She was the only friend that Willow had. Then after fifth grade Margaret moved away. For a while the two kept in touch, but they drifted apart.

4. Why is WIllow called to the principal's office in Chapter 4?

Willow is called to the principal's office in Chapter 4, where she learns that she received a perfect score on the standardized tests that the students took. The principal has asked to see Willow, because the principal believes that Willow cheated on the test.

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