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Holly Goldberg Sloan
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-24.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where was the man from that Pattie married and who is Mai's father?
(a) Vietnam.
(b) Canada.
(c) Mexico.
(d) France.

2. Who is the Career Pathway program intended to serve?
(a) People over 30.
(b) High school dropout.
(c) Immigrants.
(d) Working adults.

3. How much older is Mai than Willow?
(a) 6 months.
(b) 1 years.
(c) 8 months.
(d) 2 years.

4. What does Mai tell Duke that she wants in Chapter 16?
(a) Chocolate-dipped cone.
(b) Chocolate shake.
(c) Hot fudge sundae.
(d) Slushie.

5. Where are lemurs found?
(a) Seychelles.
(b) Haiti.
(c) Dominican Republic.
(d) Madagascar.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many windows are in the place where Pattie and her children live?

2. In Chapter 2, what color hair does WIllow say that her mom has?

3. In Chapter 12, how long has Jairo Hernandez been driving for Mexicano Taxi?

4. In Chapter 14, what colors does Willow see in a mole on Jairo's neck?

5. What color is WIllow's house?

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