Objects & Places from Counting by 7s

Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Willow’s Garden

This is something that the protagonist's parents get her involved in because she needs something to keep her busy, and it becomes her passion because she does not have friends.


This is the color of Willow’s gardening hat and Pattie’s favorite color because she believes it is lucky.

The Number 7

This is Willow’s favorite number, and she entertains herself by counting by the number. Later, she decides to use the number to list the good things in her life.

A Copy of Teen Vogue

This is found on Willow’s bed when she announces she will wear her gardening outfit for the first day of middle school.

A Standardized Test

Willow is accused of cheating on this because she gets a perfect score.

Dell Duke Counseling System

This is how a school counselor classifies the students he counsels.

Word Association


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