Counting by 7s Fun Activities

Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Discuss with a group how you would feel if you came home from school and learned that your parents were killed.

Family Portrait

Draw a portrait of Willow with Jimmy and Roberta Chance.


Create a diorama of the garage where Mai and her family live.


Willow describes the passions in her life. Write about some passions or hobbies that are important to you.

Books - Holly Goldberg Sloan

Read another book written by Sloan.

At the Scene

Imagine that you are a television reporter reporting the Chance's deaths live from the scene of the accident.


Use seed catalogs, advertisements for plants, or other resources to diagram a garden that you would like to plan.


Draw a before and after picture of Cheddar. Draw a picture of how he looked when Duke picked him up in the parking lot, and how he looked after...

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