Counting by 7s Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Holly Goldberg Sloan
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Chapters 1-4

• In Chapter 1, Willow eats ice cream with a new friend, her brother, and a counselor from school.

• When Dell Duke, the counselor, drives Willow home, the police are parked in her driveway.

• The police speak with Duke, and Willow learns that there was an accident and her parents died.

• In Chapter 2, Willow goes back in time to two months ago.

• She tells how she was adopted, and though her parents are white, she is black.

• Willow has several obsessions: the number seven, medical conditions, and plants.

• Willow has never really understood school.

• She was first labeled weird when she told her kindergarten teacher that a book made her feel bad, and that she did not want to sleep on the floor because of the germs.

• Willow’s parents were told that she is gifted.

• They helped her plant a garden to develop her mind and give...

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