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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Jack Stecker meet when he arrives in San Diego?
(a) Major Strand.
(b) Ed Banning.
(c) Captain Harding.
(d) John Marsh.

2. Where is Banning staying in Australia?
(a) In a motel on main street.
(b) At the Royal Naval Base.
(c) At the Australian Army Post.
(d) In Pickering's suite.

3. What do aerial photos of Buka show?
(a) That Reeves is being held captive.
(b) That Reeves' radio is broken.
(c) That Reeves' jeep is broken.
(d) That Reeves is ill.

4. What is Pickering going to watch in the Fiji Islands?
(a) A film featuring Galloway as a pilot.
(b) Nothing, Pickering is not in the Fiji Islands.
(c) Rehearsals for Guadalcanal and Tulagi invasion.
(d) Aircraft carriers learn to have planes land on their decks.

5. For what kind of mission is Macklin asked to recruit volunteers?
(a) An easy, but tedious mission.
(b) One that is secret.
(c) He is to get volunteers to spy in the Pacific arena.
(d) A dangerous one.

6. What does McInerney want Galloway to do?
(a) Be transferred to Hawaii.
(b) Make another public relations film.
(c) Go to Pensacola.
(d) Command a fighter squadron.

7. Why do Koffler and Reeves have to kill all the Japanese?
(a) To rescue a prisoner.
(b) So they can't report Koffler and Howard's jump.
(c) The Japanese are attacking them.
(d) Because they are the enemy.

8. What did most of Pickering's first letter to Knox from Melbourne contain?
(a) About the situation in Hawaii.
(b) About the Coastwatchers.
(c) About MacArthur's safe transport to Melbourne.
(d) About forming a new flight wing.

9. Who is in Pickering's house when he arrives there on July 1?
(a) Joe Howard.
(b) Bill Macklin.
(c) George Johnson.
(d) Jake Dillon.

10. On what situation is Holcomb given a briefing?
(a) The Wake Island situation.
(b) The Pearl Harbor situation.
(c) The Philippines situation.
(d) The Coral Sea situation.

11. At what hotel is McInerney meeting with D. Franco?
(a) Willard Hotel.
(b) Senate Hotel.
(c) Langford Hotel.
(d) Marriott Hotel.

12. How did Macklin feel about ninety percent of his men volunteering?
(a) He was ecstatic.
(b) He was angry.
(c) He was indifferent.
(d) He felt it reflected badly on him.

13. With whom is Charley Galloway when McInerney sees him?
(a) Two men in suits.
(b) Deborah Hathaway.
(c) Two attractive blonds.
(d) Ellen Feller.

14. How does the U.S. military know the Japanese plan to take several Pacific islands and Hawaii?
(a) Through intelligence intercept.
(b) Through the apprehension of a Japanese spy.
(c) Reading Japanese diplomatic messages.
(d) Through a defector.

15. What is missing from Koffler's car when he goes looking for Daphne?
(a) His rifle.
(b) Daphne's suitcase.
(c) His dress uniform.
(d) His briefcase.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Banning begin to do after Stecker left him at the Quonset hut?

2. How does the man Banning meets with from question #139 at first feel about Banning being there?

3. What does Pickering give Banning for his operation?

4. What does Pickering ask Knox for concerning Banning's group?

5. To what rank is Lewis about to be promoted?

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