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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Ellen Feller work?
(a) CIA.
(b) Security Intelligence Sections of the Navy.
(c) The National Security Agency.
(d) The White House.

2. Why is Dillon uneasy about the parachute event?
(a) He has met Neville.
(b) He is slightly psychic.
(c) He doesn't like Hershberger.
(d) The weather is bad.

3. Whose permission did Charley obtain to fly the plane?
(a) No one's.
(b) The supply officer.
(c) The Air Force Liaison.
(d) His commanding officer.

4. On what jump of Koffler's did Neville board the plane?
(a) The fifth.
(b) The eighth.
(c) The tenth.
(d) The sixth.

5. What does Galloway say about Neville's plans for the three planes?
(a) It is confusing.
(b) It is an excellent idea.
(c) His plan is too dangerous.
(d) It should be fun.

6. What job does Ellen have?
(a) Linguist.
(b) Secretary.
(c) Intelligence analyst.
(d) Cryptographer.

7. In what capacity will Howard work for Jack Stecker?
(a) Ordinance officer.
(b) Executive Officer.
(c) Company Commander.
(d) First Sergeant.

8. What does Frank Knox want Pickering to do?
(a) Sell his fleet to the navy.
(b) Return to the Marines.
(c) Get commissioned as a naval officer.
(d) Join the navy.

9. On what activity is Neville an expert?
(a) Auditing finance records.
(b) Building beachheads.
(c) Jungle warfare.
(d) Parachuting.

10. What does Dianne tell Koffler?
(a) She doesn't want to date him.
(b) She wants to marry him.
(c) She is pregnant.
(d) Her father says she can't see him again.

11. What does Galloway say about Neville and the public relations event?
(a) They can expect some interference from him.
(b) He is very compulsive and will want everything perfect.
(c) Neville will want to be the center of attention.
(d) He will be running the show.

12. What does Pickering tell Knox he should have done after Pearl Harbor?
(a) Resigned his commission.
(b) Set up a memorial fund.
(c) Joined the Marines.
(d) Stay in Hawaii.

13. Who has an exclusive on the photos from the public relations event?
(a) Stars and Stripes.
(b) Life magazine.
(c) Time magazine.
(d) Washington Post.

14. Where are Charley Galloway and friends during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
(a) On Maui.
(b) On the Arizona.
(c) At a hunting cabin in the hills.
(d) In their barrcks sleeping.

15. Where did Howard remain during the attack on Pearl Harbor?
(a) In the basement.
(b) In a Quonset hut near the water.
(c) In the arms locker.
(d) In his bunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does McInerney feel about Charley Galloway flying to the Saratoga?

2. Why was PFC Koffler technically AWOL?

3. What happens to Charley when he lands?

4. What kind of film is going to be made at Lakehurst?

5. At what rank will Pickering work for Knox?

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