Counterattack: The Corps Quiz | Two Week Quiz A

W. E. B. Griffin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through pgs. 273-304.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Howard go to the Officer's Sales Store?
(a) To meet a friend.
(b) To buy a medal.
(c) To buy new uniforms.
(d) To get a new sword.

2. What does Dillon tell Galloway and Koffler about Neville's funeral?
(a) To avoid the press.
(b) To wear their dress blues.
(c) Koffler will be parachuting into the grave site.
(d) To not come to the funeral.

3. Who is in the smaller plane Koffler sees out the door?
(a) Hershberger.
(b) Ward and Schneider.
(c) A man with a camera.
(d) Two navy fliers.

4. Why does Koffler go through with the parachuting ceremony?
(a) To prove his courage to his father.
(b) To get some leave time.
(c) To impress Dianne.
(d) Because he was ordered to do it.

5. Who is also aboard Pickering's boat?
(a) Barbara Cotter.
(b) Ken McCoy.
(c) Joe Howard.
(d) Hazel Grower.

Short Answer Questions

1. To where does Pickering travel when he leaves with Ellen?

2. Why is Dillon uneasy about the parachute event?

3. What does Pickering tell Knox he should have done after Pearl Harbor?

4. To what position is Ellen Feller promoted?

5. What did Stecker recommend to Harris for Howard?

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