Objects & Places from Counterattack: The Corps

W. E. B. Griffin
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Pearl Harbor

This is where the United States Pacific fleet is attacked.

Parris Island

This is the site of the Marine boot camp where Joe Howard taught recruits to shoot.

Quzntico, Virginia

This is the site of the United States Marine Corps school where Joe Howard was assigned.

Washington, D.C.

This is the capitol of the United States.

USS Saratoga

This was part of the Pacific fleet that was at sea during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

USS Tangier

This is part of Task Force 14 of the Pacific fleet.

Lakehurst Naval Air Station

This is a Navy base in New Jersey.

East Orange, New Jersey

This is the New Jersey city that is home to Steve Koffler.

San Francisco

This is the California city that is home to Fleming Pickering.

Camp Elliott

This is a Marine base in California near San Diego.

Pensacola Naval Air Station


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