Counterattack: The Corps Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

W. E. B. Griffin
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Summary, pg. 1-34

• The attack on Pearl Harbor came from the Japanese Carrier Force and destroyed most of the U.S. fleet.

• Joe Howard, a Marine, was asleep when the attack occurred he is being assigned to Parris Island as a rifle instructor.

• Charley Galloway, at a cabin with friends, when the attack occurs wants to go to flight school.

• Obelnsky and Galloway searched the wreckage and found enough parts to put together a F-4 Wildcat.
• Charley flew the F-4 to the Saratoga without permission and is arrested when he arrives.

• Fleming Pickering arrives in Washington to meet with President Roosevelt.

• Pickering has sold some of his ships to the navy and plans to go into the airline business.

Pgs. 35-68

• Pickering tells Fowler of his plans for his company and that his grandson, Pick, will run it after the war.

• Fleming tells Fowler he is meeting with...

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