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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the Count apologize to near the end of the book?

2. What does Eugenie tell her father she refuses to do?

3. Who has been poisoning the Villefort family members?

4. Who is the last person to pray over Valentine's grave?

5. Who is Fernand Morcef accused of murdering?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Maximillian feel when he wakes up after taking the potion? Why?

2. What does the Count do just before Caderousse dies?

3. What has Noirtier been giving Valentine every day? Why?

4. Why does the Count not eat while he is at the ball at the Morcef's house?

5. What shocking information comes forth at Benedetto's trial?

6. How does Maximillian get Valentine to agree to run away with him?

7. How does Fernand find out about the Count's identity, and how does he respond?

8. What is Bertruccio so surprised about when the Count holds a dinner party at his house?

9. How does the Count convince Maximillian not to kill himself?

10. How does Danglars react to the money his wife lost in the stock market?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fear is a major motivating factor for a number of characters in this book. Which characters are most affected by this? What are some of the different ways this fear is manifested?

Essay Topic 2

Who were the victims of Dantès's lust for revenge? How does he take his revenge on these characters?

Essay Topic 3

Many characters in this book were manipulated and persuaded to do things they did not want to do. What were some of these instances? How were those characters affected by the manipulation?

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