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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first thing Dantès does when he gets to port after escaping?
(a) Buys new clothes.
(b) Shaves.
(c) Eats a feast.
(d) Sends a letter to his father.

2. What is Edmond so shocked about when he is shaved for the first time after escaping?
(a) That his father is in the mirror.
(b) That he has not changed.
(c) How old he is.
(d) He does not recognize himself.

3. What is the name of Morrell's son?
(a) Martin.
(b) Maxwell.
(c) Matthew.
(d) Maximillian.

4. Where is Villefort when he first appears in this book?
(a) A job interview.
(b) An important court marshal.
(c) His betrothal feast.
(d) A grand party.

5. What city does Dantès visit after getting his passport?
(a) Rome.
(b) Marseilles.
(c) Edinburgh.
(d) London.

6. How does Dantès escape from the prison?
(a) He kills a guard and takes his keys.
(b) He hides in Faria's burial shroud.
(c) He finishes the tunnel.
(d) He scales the wall out the window.

7. Where is Dantès when he is arrested?
(a) On his ship.
(b) At his father's house.
(c) At his wedding feast.
(d) At church.

8. What does Fernand accuse Dantès of being?
(a) A Bonapartist.
(b) A traitor.
(c) A murderer.
(d) A thief.

9. To what political party does Villefort say he belongs?
(a) Bonapartists.
(b) Rebels.
(c) Royalists.
(d) King's men.

10. What does Caderousse do when he starts to feel uneasy?
(a) Walks away.
(b) Mumbles.
(c) Sleeps.
(d) Drinks.

11. Where does Albert's family live?
(a) Vienna.
(b) Sonnerance.
(c) Paris.
(d) Marseilles.

12. Who captures Albert?
(a) The Smugglers.
(b) Luigi Vampa.
(c) Sinbad the Sailor.
(d) The Count of Monte Cristo.

13. How does Edmond intend to kill himself?
(a) Starving himself.
(b) Hanging himself.
(c) Slitting his wrists.
(d) Smashing his head with a rock.

14. How does Dantès get a few days alone on the island with the treasure?
(a) He swims back as the boat is leaving the harbor.
(b) He sends the rower home.
(c) He hides as the ship leaves.
(d) He pretends to be injured.

15. Who owns the finest horses in Paris before the Count buys them?
(a) Fernand.
(b) Danglars.
(c) Villefort.
(d) Caderousse.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Mercédès's son?

2. Why does Albert wander away from Franz during the carnival?

3. Who gives Morrell's daughter the money Morrell needs?

4. What was General Quensel doing when he was murdered?

5. What was Villefort doing when the Count's servant stabbed him?

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