The Count of Monte Cristo Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Dantès ask his boss for leave time?

When Dantès returns from his journey, he asks for some leave time so that he can marry his fiancé.

2. Why does Dantès make an unscheduled stop? What does he do there?

Dantès made an unscheduled stop at the Isle of Elba because the Captain, who died at sea, asked Dantès to give a letter to Napoleon there just before he died, and Dantès wanted to fulfill the Captain's wishes.

3. Why does Mercédès refuse Fernand's proposal?

Fernand Montego asks Mercédès to marry him, but she tells him she loves Edmond Dantès even though Fernand is rich and Dantès is a poor sailor.

4. What do Fernand and Danglars do to Dantès as revenge?

Danglars and Fernand, who are both jealous of Dantès and his success in his career and love life, get revenge on him by falsely accusing him of being conspiring with Napoleon and forge a letter as proof of this.

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