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The Chateau D'If

This is where Dantès is imprisoned after being implicated in a Napoleon plot.

Isle of Monte Cristo

This is where a treasure is hidden.

The Pharaon

This is the ship owned by Morrel that Edmond Dantès was to be made captain of the ship before his arrest.

The Chamber of Peers

This is a French court. Fernand Morcerf is a member of the court, and they condemn him after it comes out that he betrayed the Ali Pasha of Greece.


This is a French town and the home of Edmond, Mercedes, and Danglers.

Isle of Elba

This is the home of Napoleon after he is exiled from France.


This village in France is where Mercedes and Fernand live after the arrest of Dantès.


This is the capital city of France.


This is a city in Greece that the...

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