The Count of Monte Cristo Character Descriptions

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This character is a mute valet and is very loyal to his master, who saved his life.


This character is a radical journalist and a loyal friend of a man who enters a duel with an older and more experienced man.


This character was buried as a child because he was thought to be dead, and grows up to be a scoundrel.


This character is a Corsican who is wrongly arrested for murder.

Abbé Busoni

This is the name of the disguise taken on by the main character.

Gaspard Caderousse

This character is arrested and sentenced to hard labor, but escapes and continues a life of crime.

Andrea Cavalcanti

This person was buried, found, and adopted as a child.


This character is a loyal elderly employee of a ship builder.

Count of Monte Cristo

This is the name of the main disguise...

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