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Chapter 1, Marseilles - The Arrival, Chapter 2, Father and Son, Chapter 3, The Catalans, Chapter 4, Conspiracy, and Chapter 5, The Marriage Feast

• Dantès returns from a voyage on the Pharaon where the captain died. He stopped at Elba to deliver a letter from the Captain to Napoleon.

• Danglars is the purser, and gets very jealous when Dantès is promoted to captain, and he is not.

• Dantès asks for some leave time so that he can marry Mercédès, his beautiful fiancé.

• Dantès learns that his father has not been eating because he used his money to pay some of Dantès's debts.
• Fernand proposes to Mercédès, who refuses, because she is in love with Dantès.

• Fernand and Danglars are both so jealous that they plot to ruin Dantès by falsely accusing him of being a Bonapartist. Caderousse tries to stop them.

• Dant...

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