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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 22, Jammer's, Chapter 23, Closer, and Chapter 24, Run Straight Down.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which tape does Marly choose to watch?
(a) The opera.
(b) Ashanti.
(c) Top People.
(d) Foxton.

2. Why did Mitchell modify his daughter?
(a) It was in his contract.
(b) She wasn't smart enough.
(c) She was naughty.
(d) She was terminally ill.

3. Which cigarettes does Alain smoke?
(a) Benson and Hedges.
(b) Gauloise nonfilters.
(c) Menthol.
(d) Marlboro reds.

4. Where does Two-a-Day live?
(a) The Projects on the edge of Big Playground.
(b) Cyberspace.
(c) Barrytown.
(d) Big Playground's Metropolitan Centre.

5. What are all the techs wearing?
(a) Huge parkas covered with tabs and zippers.
(b) Micropore surgical gloves.
(c) Sheepskin bomber jackets.
(d) Image amplification goggles.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Turner find hideous about machine dreams?

2. Who does Turner find in the black Honda?

3. Where is Turner's simstim set?

4. How is Turner planning to get into the mesatop to extract Mitchell unnoticed?

5. Why is Mexico City a good place to take Mitchell?

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