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Chapter 1, Smooth-Running Gun, Chapter 2, Marly, and Chapter 3, Bobby Pulls a Wilson

• Turner has a sudden rush of memory causing him to vomit, and he immediately travels to Mexico and meets Allison on a bus.

• They spend several weeks together and on their last day take a walk at the beach where Turner sees a boat with familiar markings.

• Conroy drags Turner back into another mercenary job to help a scientist named Christopher Mitchell defect corporations.

• Mitchell is the leading biochip scientist at Maas Biolabs and he wants to defect to Hosaka Corporation.
• Marly Krushkova is a shamed Paris art dealer due to a forged Cornell artwork.

• She is hired by an ultra wealthy businessman and art connoisseur Josef Virek to find the creator of a small box of art.

• Paco, a little Spanish boy, is introduced as Virek's loyal servant.

• Virek is ill and has been confined to...

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