Cost of Living (play) Fun Activities

Martyna Majok
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Diorama Creation

Create a diorama of a particularly poignant scene of your choice. The scene you choose does not necessarily have to be one actually depicted in the play. An example could be the scene in which Ani dies or the scene in which Jess graduates with honors from Princeton.

Read Another Play Focused on Disability

Choose another play revolving around the theme of disability, such as The Elephant Man, and write a review of the play.

Research the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Find out everything you can about the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. How and when is it awarded? What is its history? Who has won it in the past and for what plays?

Choose a Musical Accompaniment

Choose a scene and then choose a piece of music you think would provide a fitting accompaniment for the mood of that scene. Share your choice of music with...

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