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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through All at One Point.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Qfwfq do while looking for his siblings, so that the others can keep track of where he is?
(a) He whistles.
(b) He sings.
(c) He claps.
(d) He hums.

2. Who has taken Granny's cushion?
(a) Mr. Hnw.
(b) Qfwfq.
(c) G'd(w)^n.
(d) The twins.

3. How does Mrs. Ph(i)nK_0 feel about the rest of the inhabitants of the point?
(a) She feels surrounded and watched.
(b) She is jealous.
(c) She likes them but gets irritated.
(d) She loves them all.

4. What does Qfwfq do when he starts to forget what his sign looks like?
(a) He begins a journey to find the sign and remind himself about it.
(b) He begins making theories about what the sign must look like.
(c) He begins trying to recreate his sign, drawing it everywhere.
(d) He begins designing new signs to supercede the old one.

5. What is Mr. Pber^t Pber^d doing now?
(a) He works for a travel agency.
(b) He works for a government agency.
(c) He works for an electronics firm.
(d) He works for a plastics firm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Deaf One's cousin?

2. What does Qwfwq find when he finally reaches the point that contained his sign?

3. How often does Qfwfq finally realize he will pass by his sign?

4. When asked if the sign was visible, how does Qfwfq respond?

5. What does the cleaning woman spend all day doing?

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