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A man named Tadpole owns this club.

Delaware Street

This is where the nightclub is that Ursa sings.

Drake Hotel

This is where Ursa and Mutt live as the story opens and where they return as the story closes.


This is the place that Max Monroe owns and where Ursa sings and plays the piano.

Bracktown, Kentucky

This is where Ursa grew up and where her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother lived in the house that her mother lives in.

Georgetown, Kentucky

This is where Mary Alice moves with her mother after having a baby.

New Jersey

This is reportedly where Mary Alice's father lives.


This is where Ursa is when she first realizes that people like to hear her sing.


This is where Tadpole moves after selling Happy's.

The Narcotics Hospital

This is where Jeffy works as an aide after becoming an adult.

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