Corregidora Character Descriptions

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Ursa Corregidora

This character is a singer who is sterile because her first husband threw her down stairs.


This character is a slave owner who abuses women and uses them for prostitution.

Tadpole McCormick

This character owns Happy's and develops a relationship with the protagonist.

Catherine Lawson

This character lives across the street from Happy's and straightens hair although she is not a licensed beautician.

Mutt Philmore Thomas

This jealous character does not want the protagonist singing at Happy's because the men there are "touching her with their eyes."


This character sings at Happy's and eventually engages in adultery with the owner of Happy's.

Max Monroe

This character owns the Spider.


This character is the protagonist's father who met the protagonist's mother at the diner she used to visit for lunch.


This character is the protagonist's mother and the illegitimate daughter of a Portuguese...

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