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Chapter I, Pages 1 through 36

• The book opens with the history between Mutt and Ursa.

• Ursa sings at a night club, Happy's, when they meet.

• They get married and eventually Mutt becomes jealous.

• Mutt's jealousy grows and he demands Ursa stop singing but she will not.

• They get into a fight and Mutt pushed Ursa down some stairs.
• Ursa loses her baby and has to have a hysterectomy.

• Tadpole, the owner of Happy's, takes care of Ursa when she is released from the hospital.

• Ursa tells Tadpole to handle the divorce papers between her and Mutt, and they begin their relationship together.

• Ursa visits for a short time with Cat, a woman who straightens hair.

• Cat questions Ursa's motives for staying with Tadpole when she has nothing to give him in return.
• Ursa is angry, but takes Cat's words to heart.

• Ursa tells Tadpole about her grandmother and Corregidora...

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