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W. E. B. Griffin
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter XI a navy doctor finds out Banning and the other nine blind men are going to back to the states how?

2. Why does Colonel Carlson come to talk to McCoy at the beginning of Chapter XI?

3. Where is McCoy stationed at the beginning of Chapter XI?

4. To what rank is Zimmerman promoted?

5. Where is Captain Banning sent to see doctors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The military way of life is in and of itself similar to a distinct culture. Understanding how the military is organized, how it operates, and its basic rules of conduct will make any novel that centers on the military more understandable and enjoyable. Discuss one of the following:

1. Describe and analyze the military structure during the time of Corps 02: Call to Arms. What is rank? What is the difference between officers and enlisted men? How serious is it to disobey an order? What happens if one decides he does not like being in the military and walks away? How are men drafted?

2. Compare the infantry of Corps 02: Call to Arms to that in modern times in for the United States. What are the similarities? The differences? Are the changes from those times improvements? Why or why not? (This question will require some research).

3. Discuss why you think the military has the following: Uniforms, a rank structure of Officers and Enlisted, Strict Discipline, Training for New Recruits, Court Martial, and Different types of companies (i.e., rifle, Cavalry, artillery, etc). Discuss why you think men (and nowadays women) choose to become professional soldiers.

Essay Topic 2

Most of the entire series of novels concerning McCoy takes place during the Second World War. Therefore understanding the political and social situation during that time helps to a greater understanding and appreciation of this book and others in the series. Discuss one of the following:

1. Research and write an expository essay about how the second world war begins and ends.

2. Research and write an expository essay about the battles that take place on land between America and the Japanese in World War II.

3. Compare/Contrast the importance of the British infantry during the second world war to the importance of the American infantry during either WWI.

4. Write an expository essay on how World War II affects the social culture of one of the following countries: Britian, France, America, or Germany.

Essay Topic 3

Lieutenant McCoy is what they call a mustang, an enlisted man who came up to be an officer. The other officers do not like this. They want the officer to be college graduates. That is one of the problems they have with Colonel Carlson and probably one of the reasons McCoy likes him. Carlson does not want any distinguishing of rank between his Raiders. He does not think that it is good for them to see the officers sleeping in cots while they sleep on the ground or eating better.

1. How do you think Colonel Carlson's ideas about rank might affect discipline? Use examples from Call to Arms to support your answer.

2. Other officers resenting those who did not go to college is not uncommon in other institutions. There are many situations in which a person is qualified to do a job without formal education and those with formal education might resent that person. Discuss what you believe are the interpersonal and personality dynamics of this type of situation. Use examples to support your answer.

3. Throughout history, as long as there has been rank in the military or classes in the social sphere treatment of people have been unequal. Officers have always had better quarters and food. Kings sleep in better homes than carpenters. Do you think inequality of people is good or bad? Could it motivate those in the lower hierarchies to work harder or just make them resentful? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unequal status among humans.

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