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W. E. B. Griffin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did McCoy leave Banning when he rescued him?
(a) At company headquarters.
(b) At at school.
(c) At a hospital.
(d) At a Catholic church.

2. How does Colonel Carlson use the name Killer McCoy?
(a) As motivation for his group.
(b) To motivate McCoy.
(c) To tease McCoy.
(d) To shame McCoy.

3. Where does Pickering go for his flight training?
(a) Houston.
(b) Birmingham.
(c) Tinker Airforce Base.
(d) Pensacola.

4. What does Ernie tell McCoy when she meets him in Chapter VII?
(a) She tells him she is going with him.
(b) She will wait for him.
(c) She is going to arrange a better job for him.
(d) She has joined the Marines.

5. What duty has Sergeant Zimmerman been assigned in sub-chapter 3?
(a) Polishing all the brass in headquarters.
(b) Tracking down a recruit who went AWOL.
(c) Escorting Colonel Wesley.
(d) Moving new recruits.

6. Who does Pick meet first when he shows up for flight school?
(a) Captain Manke.
(b) Sergeant Banoon.
(c) Lieutenant Morrison.
(d) Lieutenant Stecker.

7. Who took care of Banning after McCoy left him?
(a) A navy physician.
(b) A Filipino nurse.
(c) A Filipino farmer.
(d) An army medic.

8. In what capacity does McCoy want Zimmerman to work with him?
(a) As a translator.
(b) As a pilot.
(c) As a supply officer.
(d) As an aide-de-camp.

9. Who is Martha with when Pick and Stecker see her?
(a) Lieutenant Capson.
(b) Major Jones.
(c) Captain Wentworth.
(d) Captain Carstairs.

10. What is an enlisted man who becomes an officer called in slang?
(a) Mustang.
(b) High Stepper.
(c) Brown noser.
(d) Hot Dog.

11. Where are Pick and the person from question #62 suppose to stay?
(a) At a house near the beach.
(b) In the non-commissioned officers' quarters.
(c) In the officer's quarters.
(d) In a half finished room.

12. What does Ernie realize when McCoy returned to home after being wounded?
(a) He could have been killed.
(b) He is too macho for her.
(c) He is too careless.
(d) How much he means to her.

13. What does the hotel manager offer Pick?
(a) A ticket to a concert in the civic center.
(b) A discounted stay in the penthouse suite.
(c) Two free nights because he is military.
(d) A room looking over the ocean.

14. When was Pick's first airplane ride?
(a) When he joined the military.
(b) He was seventeen.
(c) It was when he was a child.
(d) On his way overseas.

15. What did McCoy do the day after he met Ernie?
(a) Get shipped out to Germany.
(b) Talk to her father.
(c) Get shipped out to Japan.
(d) Ask her to marry him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Ernie call Patricia Pickering?

2. How does Ernie's mother feel about McCoy?

3. What do the Marines think is the first step to train a soldier?

4. What did Pick do after he cleaned up in his hotel room?

5. Why is Captain Banning depressed when he is on the Pickerel?

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