Corps 02: Call to Arms Short Essay - Answer Key

W. E. B. Griffin
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1. In Chapter I, from where is McCoy flying, what is wrong with him and what does he allow the pilot to do?

McCoy was wounded in the Shanghai, China, and that he is returning to the states on a Catalina plane. During the takeoff, the wounds he received in China are once again causing him problems. He will not allow the pilot to do more than replace his bandages.

2. Why is Colonel Wesley concerned about Colonel Carlson and with whom does he discuss his concerns in Chapter I?

Colonel Wesley is meeting with Lieutenant Rickabee to try to find a solution to what Wesley feels is the Colonel Carlson problem. Wesley is concerned that Carlson's time in China with their Chinese Communist Route Army has turned him into a communist and that he is trying to the Corps into a Red Army.

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