Corps 02: Call to Arms Character Descriptions

W. E. B. Griffin
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Second Lieutenant Kenneth J McCoy, USMCR - He is the main character of the novel. He is dating a woman named Ernie Sage who he met though a mutual friend.

Second Lieutenant Malcolm Pickering, USMCR - He is the best of friend of both Second Lieutenant McCoy and Ernie Sage. His mother and Ernie's mother had met when he was born and had been friends ever since.

Sergeant Ernst W. Zimmerman - He was with McCoy when he was wounded in the Philippines and McCoy asked for him to be with him on the Raiders.

Captain Edward Banning - He was with Zimmerman and McCoy in China. He was blind for a while.

Lieutenant Colonel Evans Carlson - He is the head of the Raiders. He sent a letter to the Commandant requesting the need for this type of fighter after the bombing on Pearl Harbor...

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