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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the patron saint of the island of Cephallonia?

2. Captain Corelli leads a group that sings every morning ____________________.

3. Who is the man who Dr. Iannis had cured of his deafness?

4. Who leads the troop of Italian soldiers into Cephallonia?

5. Who is Mandras' mother?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Stamatis and what unusual request does he make of Dr. Iannis?

2. What does Carlo tell Francisco's mother about Francisco's death and what was the reality of the situation?

3. What are the circumstances in which Dr. Iannis asks Mandras about his intention to marry Pelagia?

4. How are Dr. Iannis and Pelagia conflicted about their feelings for Captain Corelli?

5. Describe Mandras' experience at war and his struggle to return home to Pelagia.

6. What is the first mention of Captain Corelli in the novel?

7. What issues are prevalent for Pelagia and Mandras regarding their future together?

8. How does Dr. Iannnis realize that an attraction is forming between Pelagia and Corelli?

9. How does the unlikely friendship between Gunter Weber and Captain Corelli begin?

10. What is the significance of the title of Chapter 33, "A Problem with Hands"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain the significance of the book's title. What does the author mean by calling it simply "Corelli's Mandolin". What is he trying to emphasize with this emphatic style? Suggest three alternate titles for this book with supporting rationale for each.

Essay Topic 2

There are several events of foreshadowing in "Corelli's Mandolin". Define foreshadowing. Cite at least two situations in the story that serve as foreshadowing.

Essay Topic 3

Create a brief character study of Mandras. What did he look like? What do we learn about him and his life? What were his positive personality traits? What were his dreams and fears? What was most valuable to him in his world?

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