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Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following do the villagers NOT bring to the priest as an apology for the strongman's actions?

2. Pelagia is fascinated to watch Corelli __________________ at the table.

3. What is Mandras' job?

4. What makes Pelagia's opinion of Captain Corelli soften a little bit?

5. The preserved body of the saint in #29 is passed over whom twice a year in hopes of healing them?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the circumstances in which Mandras meets Pelagia and falls in love?

2. Why is Hector called before the British officer, Lt. Col. Myers?

3. What does Carlo tell Francisco's mother about Francisco's death and what was the reality of the situation?

4. How are Dr. Iannis and Pelagia conflicted about their feelings for Captain Corelli?

5. How does the unlikely friendship between Gunter Weber and Captain Corelli begin?

6. What is the first mention of Captain Corelli in the novel?

7. Describe what happens during the village feast, especially for Mandras and Pelagia.

8. What issues are prevalent for Pelagia and Mandras regarding their future together?

9. What decision does Mandras make after his recovery that upsets Pelagia?

10. Who is Father Arsenios and what event triggers his drunken binge?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The author used more than one iteration on the theme of war. Identify at least two examples about war in the book and then explain why the examples support the theme.

Essay Topic 2

There are several events of foreshadowing in "Corelli's Mandolin". Define foreshadowing. Cite at least two situations in the story that serve as foreshadowing.

Essay Topic 3

Louis de Bernieres is a master at dramatic devices. Choose an example of symbolism, metaphor, and irony, and briefly describe them and identify the technique which they embody.

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