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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gunter leaves a photograph of ___________________ for Pelagia.
(a) Gunter and Corelli.
(b) Corelli.
(c) Dr. Iannis and Pelagia.
(d) Pelagia and Corelli.

2. How do the Germans try to get rid of the dead bodies?
(a) They bury them at sea.
(b) They order the villagers to bury them.
(c) They set fire to them.
(d) They bury them in a mass grave.

3. What does Gunter Weber leave for Pelagia before leaving the island?
(a) Cigarette lighter.
(b) German books.
(c) Phonograph player and records.
(d) Sweater and journal.

4. What does Dr. Iannis remind Pelagia of when speaking about her attraction to Corelli?
(a) She is still engaged to Mandras.
(b) His health is very frail.
(c) She wanted to become a doctor.
(d) She is too young to get married.

5. Where does Corelli instruct the villagers to stand to watch the removal of the item in #101?
(a) On the beach.
(b) Top of a building.
(c) Top of a cliff.
(d) Inside their homes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the profession of the man in #162?

2. Which of the Italian soldiers is still alive after the shooting?

3. What surprising event does Alekos witness one day?

4. What does Corelli do to seem more like a Greek man?

5. Who emerges as the local leader of the village after the earthquake?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the circumstances in which Corelli and Pelagia part?

2. Describe some of the international aid coming to the island after the earthquake?

3. Why are the Italian officers unhappy with their commander, General Grandin?

4. Who is "Bunny" Warren and how does he arrive on the island?

5. When the Germans withdraw from the island, what does Gunter leave at the home of Dr. Iannis?

6. In what ways has the war transformed the priest, Father Arsenios?

7. How has General Grandin put his men in jeopardy by believing the promises of the Germans?

8. Why is Pelagia filled with sorrow even though Corelli has survived the attempted execution by the Germans?

9. Who takes control of the island after the Germans leave, and why is Dr. Iannis taken away from their homes?

10. What are the circumstances in which Iannis gets Corelli's mandolin for lessons?

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