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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Germans try to get rid of the dead bodies?
(a) They bury them at sea.
(b) They bury them in a mass grave.
(c) They set fire to them.
(d) They order the villagers to bury them.

2. What is Dr. Iannis' demeanor while separately talking to Corelli and Pelagia about their getting married?
(a) Happy.
(b) Discouraging.
(c) Eager.
(d) Angry.

3. What is Weber's commander's response when Weber does not want to carry out the order?
(a) Weber can be easily replaced.
(b) If Weber doesn't do it, he will be shot.
(c) If Weber doesn't do it, he will be court-martialed.
(d) He will think about Weber's request.

4. Where does Corelli's singing group meet?
(a) Dr. Iannis' house.
(b) A church.
(c) A cafe.
(d) The beach.

5. Dr. Iannis tells Corelli that if he marries Pelagia and remains in Greece he will never be successful at _______________.
(a) a military career.
(b) the language.
(c) his music.
(d) being a father.

6. What does Corelli do on his last day before leaving the island?
(a) He packs his belongings.
(b) He spends it with Pelagia.
(c) He makes travel arrangements.
(d) He sleeps.

7. General Gandin believed the promise of the Germans that they would ___________________.
(a) would bypass the island in their attacks.
(b) not harm the villagers.
(c) provide the Italians with safe passage.
(d) would not storm the beaches.

8. What does Corelli suggest to his men as they realize they are being driven to a firing range to be executed?
(a) They should jump off the truck.
(b) They should pray.
(c) They should sing.
(d) They should attack the German soldiers.

9. What does Pelagia give to Corelli when he wakes up with a hangover?
(a) Alka-Seltzer.
(b) Water.
(c) Coffee.
(d) Tomato juice.

10. What type of instrument does Iannis want to play when he grows up?
(a) Bouzouki.
(b) Guitar.
(c) Cello.
(d) Trumpet.

11. What does Corelli tell Pelagia as he embraces her?
(a) He wants her to run away with him.
(b) He will be back after the war.
(c) He will not see her again.
(d) He wants to marry her.

12. On what spot does Corelli kiss Pelagia?
(a) The cheek.
(b) The top of her head.
(c) The forehead.
(d) The lips.

13. Pelagia realizes that Carlo and her father are responsible for writing and distributing _____________________.
(a) anti-Mussolini pamphlets.
(b) the community theater pamphlets.
(c) bomb shelter pamphlets.
(d) tuberculosis inoculation pamphlets.

14. Why does Mandras angrily confront Pelagia?
(a) Because he heard she was in love with an Italian soldier.
(b) Because he thinks she is a spy.
(c) Because she has been rude to his mother.
(d) Because he saw her flirting with men at the cafe.

15. What does a fireman see near Dr. Iannis' house during an earthquake aftershock?
(a) Carlo's bones in his grave.
(b) Boys playing in the street.
(c) Road signs swallowed up by the earth.
(d) Pelagia cleaning up rubble.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Pelagia name the baby girl left at the doorstep?

2. What does Gunter Weber leave for Pelagia before leaving the island?

3. How does Corelli leave the island?

4. What happens when Corelli and Pelagia get separated from the others in the forest?

5. Pelagia shoots Mandras in his _________________.

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