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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Mandras require Dr. Iannis' help after falling out of a tree.
(a) He broke an arm.
(b) He has shards of pottery stuck in his backside.
(c) He injured his back.
(d) He has broken a leg.

2. Who has replaced thoughts of Francisco in Carlo's mind?
(a) Antonio Maximo.
(b) Antonio Corelli.
(c) Antonio DiGuardio.
(d) Antonio Sabatini.

3. What has the young girl, Lemoni, found caught in a barbed fence?
(a) A cat.
(b) A pine marten.
(c) A rabbit.
(d) A raccoon.

4. Mandras has periods of ______________________ upon his return home.
(a) euphoria.
(b) depression.
(c) confusion.
(d) unresponsiveness.

5. Where does Dr. Iannis find the priest passed out in a pool of his own urine and vomit?
(a) In the town square.
(b) Behind a screen.
(c) At the church door.
(d) At his office door.

6. What nationality is Carlo Piero Guercio?
(a) Greek.
(b) Italian.
(c) Portugese.
(d) Spanish.

7. Why are the festivals in the town subdued?
(a) Nothing much happens in the winter.
(b) All the young men are gone.
(c) There are no festivals during the Lenten season.
(d) There have been budget cuts.

8. What task are Carlo and Francisco called to do?
(a) Distribute war flyers.
(b) Take back a watchtower from bandits.
(c) Ready boats for a fishing expedition.
(d) Find another priest to say mass in the village.

9. What secret does Carlo Piero Guercio write about in his confession?
(a) His crime of murder.
(b) His thefts.
(c) His illegitimacy.
(d) His homosexuality.

10. Why does the man in #18 want to be deaf again?
(a) He can hear how his wife sings off key.
(b) He can hear the dogs barking at night keeping him awake.
(c) He can hear his wife's nagging too clearly now.
(d) He can hear the pounding of the waves against the rocks.

11. Dr. Iannis cures a village man's deafness by removing a _______________ that had been stuck in his ear since childhood.
(a) pea.
(b) bean.
(c) marble.
(d) seed.

12. Dr. Iannis is a physician on the island of _________________.
(a) Crete.
(b) Rhodes.
(c) Cephallonia.
(d) Mykonos.

13. Which of the following is NOT a friend Dr. Iannis chats with at the village cafe?
(a) Kikolis.
(b) Nikolos.
(c) Arsenios.
(d) Stamatis.

14. Why does Pelagia assume that Mandras does not respond to her letters?
(a) He cannot read.
(b) He is not receiving her letters.
(c) He is dead.
(d) He is no longer interested in her.

15. Who is the young fisherman who is wounded when the strongman fires his cannon?
(a) Theodros.
(b) Milos.
(c) Ciro.
(d) Mandras.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the daughter of the Prime Minister of Greece?

2. What is Mandras' initiation into the group in #65?

3. Who is the German soldier Corelli befriends?

4. Mussolini has decided to attack which country?

5. What is the Fascist slogan on a propaganda pamphlet aimed against Mussolini?

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