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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are the festivals in the town subdued?
(a) There have been budget cuts.
(b) There are no festivals during the Lenten season.
(c) All the young men are gone.
(d) Nothing much happens in the winter.

2. Dr. Iannis cures a village man's deafness by removing a _______________ that had been stuck in his ear since childhood.
(a) pea.
(b) seed.
(c) marble.
(d) bean.

3. Who is supporting various Greek resistance groups?
(a) The British.
(b) The French.
(c) The Americans.
(d) The Russians.

4. What happens on April 30, 1941?
(a) Pelagia and Mandras get married.
(b) Italian troops occupy Cephallonia.
(c) Dr. Iannis dies.
(d) World War II ends.

5. What name has Corelli given to his mandolin?
(a) Annamarie.
(b) Antonia.
(c) Aimie.
(d) Angelina.

6. What makes Pelagia's opinion of Captain Corelli soften a little bit?
(a) She sees him walking and talking with her father.
(b) She sees him singing and playing his mandolin for some children.
(c) She sees his rescue a kitten from a tree.
(d) She sees him playing with a little girl named Lemoni.

7. Captain Corelli leads a group that sings every morning ____________________.
(a) as they eat breakfast.
(b) as they do calisthenics.
(c) as they march.
(d) as they use the latrines.

8. Why does Pelagia leave Corelli at the table?
(a) The pine marten scratches at the door.
(b) A patient has come to see her father.
(c) She is embarrassed by her actions.
(d) Her father calls her to come outside.

9. Who is the Duce?
(a) Joseph Stalin.
(b) Adolf Hitler.
(c) Benito Mussolini.
(d) Duke Ellington.

10. When does Mandras think he and Pelagia could get married?
(a) When her father gives permission.
(b) When he saves more money.
(c) When she is a little older.
(d) When he comes back from the war.

11. What is Mandras' job?
(a) Fisherman.
(b) Carpenter.
(c) Ship builder.
(d) Wine maker.

12. Who is the man who Dr. Iannis had cured of his deafness?
(a) Sergio.
(b) Stephenos.
(c) Stamatis.
(d) Yanni.

13. How is Pelagia connected to Dr. Iannis?
(a) She is his wife.
(b) She is his sister.
(c) She is his daughter.
(d) She is his patient.

14. What is Mandras' initiation into the group in #65?
(a) He wrote a speech.
(b) He caught his quota of fish.
(c) He plays a song he wrote.
(d) He kills an old man.

15. What does Pelagia NOT know about Mandras?
(a) He was married before.
(b) He has a terminal illness.
(c) He is an epileptic.
(d) He cannot read.

Short Answer Questions

1. What secret does Carlo Piero Guercio write about in his confession?

2. Troops from which country are stationed near the Italian troops on the mainland opposite the island?

3. What is "L'Omosessuale"?

4. Who is the leader of the group of thugs which Mandras joins?

5. Who is Mandras' mother?

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