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A Greek island where most of the events of the novel take place. There is a high mountain in the center of the island, where goatherds have their goats.

Dr. Iannis' House

The home of the doctor on Cephallonia, it is a relatively large place with a walled yard.


Under Benito Mussolini, this country allied with Germany in World War II and invaded Greece to expand its territory.


A country north of Greece controlled by Italy prior to the invasion of Greece.

Acqui Division

The unit of the military in which Carlo and Corelli serve.


The stringed instrument owned by Captain Corelli and left behind by him when he leaves Cephallonia.

The Cachette

A secret room under the floor of Dr. Iannis' house where Corelli recovers from his wounds in secret and where his mandolin and other things are hidden.

Carlo's Manuscript

A written...

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