Corelli's Mandolin Character Descriptions

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Captain Antonio Corelli

He is an accomplished musician and an officer in the Italian Army who is lighthearted and prone to making goofy jokes and having fun.


She is the beautiful daughter of a doctor on the Greek island of Cephallonia and since her mother has died, she maintains their household herself.

Dr. Iannis

He is a widower who lives with his beautiful daughter and is the sole doctor on the Greek island of Cephallonia.

Carlo Guerica

He is a very large and strong homosexual man who serves in Captain Corelli's unit.

Günter Weber

He is a German officer stationed in Greece near the island of Cephallonia and is befriended by Corelli and his men, joining their informal singing group.


Mandras is an attractive young fisherman from Cephallonia who leaves the island to fight in the Greek military, and is the sole survivor of his...

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