Copper Sun Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Kwasi want to "look a giraffe in the eye" (1)?

Kwasi claims that the warrior who can see atop the trees is wise and can see everything that approaches the village.

2. Why does Amari not want to spin thread in Part One?

Amari claims that spinning hurts her fingers. Plus, she wishes to be able to weave and design cloth like her father and other men.

3. What types of food and activities are planned for the white guests in Part One?

Amari's mother insists that they prepare a welcome celebration for the visitors. At this party, they will provide goat stew, peanut soup, fufu, tropical fruits, and egg stew. Amari's father, Komla, will provide storytelling, and they will have music and dancing.

4. What does Besa tell Amari about his love of the drums?

Besa tells Amari that the drums serve as a reminder of the natural rhythm of people's lives, of the natural pattern of life.

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