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Design Your Own Kente Cloth

Throughout the novel, the kente cloth carries much significance. Using Amari's description of her village's cloth design in Chapter One, design your own kente cloth.

Prepare A Ewe Celebration Menu

In Amari's village, visitors (no matter their reason), are cause for a celebration. Using the menu from Chapter Two, create a menu for a REAL reason to celebrate visitors. Bonus points will be offered for any recipe brought in and shared.

Recreate an African Celebration

The Ewe people really put on a party. Recreate their celebration program, complete with songs, dancing, and stories.

Make One of Teenie's Recipes

Teenie is a master cook. Recreate one of her recipes.

Build a Diorama

Choose a key setting from the novel and build a diorama. Be certain to use the text as your basis for action, colors, and symbols that are associated with the location.

Create a Soundtrack

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