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Essay Topic 1

Amari quickly discovers that being connected to friends is her main lifeline in this text. In an essay, describe how friendship plays a role in Amari and other characters' survival.

Essay Topic 2

Compare Polly and Amari's upbringings.

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay in which you contrast Polly and Amari.

Essay Topic 4

The love a mother has for her child is shown throughout the text. Discuss the relationships between at least one mother and child and how that affection bolsters the child's life, even in great hardship.

Essay Topic 5

Contrast Noah and Mr. Derby and the way they treat Isabelle.

Essay Topic 6

Discuss the symbolism of the white perfection of the Derbyshire Farm.

Essay Topic 7

What helps to ensure survival for the slaves who make it longer than five years?

Essay Topic 8

Compare and contrast slavery and indentured servanthood.

Essay Topic 9

What experiences change Polly from a...

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