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Short Answer Questions

1. What aspect of Bohr and Heisenberg’s memories of their work does Margrethe contest?

2. How old was Heisenberg when he first visited Copenhagen?

3. When was the first time Heisenberg came to Copenhagen?

4. What did the scientists who made the bomb discover about the chain reaction?

5. In Act 2, how does Margrethe attempt to cut the tension between the two men?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Heisenberg describe Schrödinger’s mechanics?

2. What was strange about the cadmium that Heisenberg had in Haigerloch?

3. What does Heisenberg claim to think about his own plan for talking to Bohr about the atomic projects in Copenhagen?

4. What extreme act does Heisenberg claim that Bohr would have been justified in doing?

5. In 1942, where is the German project in relationship to the American atomic project?

6. When did Fermi achieve the first self-sustaining chain reaction, in relationship to Heisenberg?

7. How was Einstein’s theory important to Heisenberg’s work?

8. What could have happened to the reactor in Haigerloch?

9. What was the impetus for Heisenberg’s attaining the chair at Leipzig?

10. What were the conditions under which Heisenberg was allowed to practice science after the war?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Uncertainty permeates this play, both in its scientific and prosaic senses. What is the uncertainty at the core of the play? Can the uncertainty truly be compared to scientific uncertainty? Can the issues at stake in the play ever be determined for certain?

Essay Topic 2

Heisenberg implies that Bohr is just as guilty as he is for having worked with the Americans at Los Alamos. Research the project at Los Alamos and its repercussions. Write a persuasive essay in which you defend Bohr’s innocence or justify his guilt.

Essay Topic 3

Heisenberg is a German, and Bohr is a Dane. Discuss nationality and its significance in Copenhagen. How would the play be different if the two men were both of one nationality, or the other?

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