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Short Answer Questions

1. How many of the object of Heisenberg’s envy exist in the United States?

2. How does Heisenberg characterize their current situation?

3. What does Bohr initially think about Margrethe’s proposed activity?

4. How long did Bohr estimate it would take to produce one gram of U-235?

5. Who is the elder of the scientists?

Short Essay Questions

1. What feelings did Heisenberg have towards Kramers?

2. Where have most of the German physicists gone?

3. What is the uncertainty principle?

4. What is the conflict Bohr and Heisenberg have over Gamow and Casimir?

5. Why does Bohr think the Allied scientists were working on the bomb?

6. What was Schrödinger’s work that Heisenberg struggled to accept?

7. What role does Heisenberg think Bohr could have played, but didn’t, in the atomic project?

8. When was fission invented?

9. What is the religious relationship between Bohr and Heisenberg that is alluded to throughout the play?

10. What atomic programs exist in Germany in 1941?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Heisenberg states at various points that he knew how to correctly calculate the uranium needed, but that he didn’t do it. What is the evidence that he knew but didn’t act? What is the evidence that he didn’t know how to calculate the number? How does that change the character and the motives he presents here?

Essay Topic 2

Many titles are possible for this play. Why has Frayn chosen to title it after the city of Copenhagen when so many other issues are at stake?

Essay Topic 3

Heisenberg and Bohr meet three times, under vastly different circumstances. What are these circumstances? How far removed are they in time, and in place? What has changed between each meeting?

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