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Short Answer Questions

1. How long did Bohr estimate it would take to produce one gram of U-235?

2. How often has Bohr gone sailing since Heisenberg last saw him?

3. Why does Bohr refuse Heisenberg’s invitation?

4. When did Heisenberg first leave Copenhagen?

5. Where did Bohr have his most important insight, according to Heisenberg?

Short Essay Questions

1. What excuse does Heisenberg make to Margrethe for leaving?

2. What are Heisenberg’s recollections of post-World War I Germany?

3. Where is it first reported in Europe that the Americans are working on a bomb?

4. What is the conflict Bohr and Heisenberg have over Gamow and Casimir?

5. What is the religious relationship between Bohr and Heisenberg that is alluded to throughout the play?

6. What relationship does Heisenberg draw between skiing and thinking?

7. What is the German Cultural Institute?

8. Where have most of the German physicists gone?

9. What is strange about Schrödinger’s cat?

10. What is the major conflict over what Heisenberg said to Bohr?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Skiing is used as a metaphor throughout the play. Discuss Heisenberg’s assertion that making no decision would lead to death. What is the significance of “swerving” in the context of Copenhagen?

Essay Topic 2

Elsinore is a place with very specific literary roots. What are these roots, according to the play? Research the real-life location. Why might it be an appropriate setting for some of Bohr and Heisenberg’s contributions to science?

Essay Topic 3

Heisenberg both harms and hurts the Bohrs in numerous ways. What does he do to help them, and which of his actions place them at risk? What are the repercussions of both kinds of actions? On the other hand, how do the Bohrs influence Heisenberg’s life?

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