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Short Answer Questions

1. What animal did Schrödinger use in his example?

2. What does fission release?

3. What excuse does Bohr make for Heisenberg regarding this first stop?

4. According to Margrethe, what happened every time Heisenberg tried to explain why he visited?

5. What kind of impression does Heisenberg make on his first stop with Bohr?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Heisenberg speak about Germany?

2. Other than Heisenberg, who is the major German physicist still working in Germany?

3. What joke does Bohr make about skiing?

4. What is the religious relationship between Bohr and Heisenberg that is alluded to throughout the play?

5. What conflict does the rift between Bohr and Heisenberg is Margrethe reminded of?

6. Why does Bohr say that he is a mathematically curious entity?

7. What were Kramers’ main personality traits, as the play describes them?

8. What is the tone of Bohr’s joke about skiing?

9. What does Heisenberg claim are the political implications of what he was saying to Bohr?

10. What feelings did Heisenberg have towards Kramers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

At various points, Bohr is described as a father figure. In what ways does Heisenberg act as a son to Bohr, and Bohr a father to Heisenberg? Why is this significant for the book? Discuss their first and last meetings in this context.

Essay Topic 2

Margrethe makes various aside comments regarding Heisenberg. What is her opinion of him? Is it a static opinion, or does it change over the course of the play? If so, how, and why?

Essay Topic 3

Bohr and Heisenberg fight throughout the play, but also resolve their differences at various points. What are the issues that lead them into a stalemate? What helps them make up after fighting? Do they ever really resolve any of their issues?

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