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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Margrethe say about Heisenberg and uncertainty?
(a) It doesn’t make any sense
(b) He will never understand it
(c) He has an affinity for it
(d) He misunderstood it in the past

2. What aspect of Bohr and Heisenberg’s memories of their work does Margrethe contest?
(a) Its collaborative aspects
(b) Its timing
(c) Its importance
(d) Its mechanics

3. Who is with Heisenberg when he has his moment of clarity?
(a) Nobody
(b) A team of researchers
(c) Bohr
(d) Margrethe

4. Why did Heisenberg leave Bohr?
(a) Heisenberg fell in love
(b) They had an argument
(c) To teach in Germany
(d) Heisenberg no longer respected Bohr’s intelligence

5. What critical mass did Heisenberg think was needed for the bomb?
(a) Fifty kilograms
(b) 26,000 tons
(c) One ton
(d) One gram

Short Answer Questions

1. What is notable about Heisenberg’s accepting the chair at Leipzig?

2. What non-scientific talent of Kramers’ do Heisenberg and Bohr discuss?

3. What is Heisenberg’s response to Bohr’s criticism of his thought process?

4. What was problematic about Heisenberg’s great discovery?

5. How old was Bohr when Heisenberg first visited Copenhagen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What extreme act does Heisenberg claim that Bohr would have been justified in doing?

2. In 1942, where is the German project in relationship to the American atomic project?

3. What did Einstein show about measurement?

4. What were the conditions under which Heisenberg was allowed to practice science after the war?

5. What does Otto Hahn want to do during the last months of the war?

6. When did Fermi achieve the first self-sustaining chain reaction, in relationship to Heisenberg?

7. What could have happened to the reactor in Haigerloch?

8. How did Heisenberg make revisions to his uncertainty paper?

9. What does Heisenberg claim to think about his own plan for talking to Bohr about the atomic projects in Copenhagen?

10. How was Einstein’s theory important to Heisenberg’s work?

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