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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Heisenberg’s illustration of his theory, what or who is an electron?
(a) Margrethe
(b) Bohr
(c) A buoy
(d) Blood

2. Where did the Borhs eventually go during the war?
(a) They stayed in Denmark
(b) Germany
(c) Norway
(d) Sweden

3. Who made peace between Heisenberg and Bohr?
(a) Schrödinger
(b) Margrethe
(c) Pauli
(d) Nobody ever did

4. In Act 2, how does Margrethe attempt to cut the tension between the two men?
(a) By reminding them of the old days
(b) By changing the subject
(c) By scolding them
(d) By offering tea and cake

5. What does Heisenberg still insist works?
(a) Complementarity
(b) The Copenhagen Interpretation
(c) Schrödinger’s cat
(d) Uncertainty

6. What did people pay attention to instead of Heisenberg’s discoveries?
(a) Oppenheimer
(b) Schrödinger
(c) Pauli
(d) Bohr

7. In what direction is Tisvilde?
(a) North
(b) South
(c) West
(d) East

8. Why did Heisenberg leave Bohr?
(a) Heisenberg fell in love
(b) Heisenberg no longer respected Bohr’s intelligence
(c) They had an argument
(d) To teach in Germany

9. Which scientist insulted Heisenberg’s knowledge?
(a) Bohr
(b) Goudsmit
(c) Pauli
(d) Uhlenbeck

10. What does Margrethe claim ‘finished’ Heisenberg?
(a) Bohr’s work on fission
(b) A cloud chamber
(c) His own stubbornness
(d) Schrödinger’s cat

11. What was the insult that a scientist gave of Heisenberg’s knowledge?
(a) That Heisenberg didn’t understand the math of the bomb
(b) That Heisenberg was a Fascist
(c) That Heisenberg was stubborn
(d) That Heisenberg didn’t understand the physics of the bomb

12. In Heisenberg’s illustration of his theory, what or who is the nucleus?
(a) Margrethe
(b) The heart
(c) Bohr
(d) The mast

13. How did Heisenberg reconcile the problem in #96?
(a) He issued a press release
(b) He publicly refused to change his position
(c) He added a postscript to the paper
(d) He reconciled with Bohr

14. What critical mass did Heisenberg think was needed for the bomb?
(a) One gram
(b) 26,000 tons
(c) Fifty kilograms
(d) One ton

15. What does Margrethe say about Heisenberg and uncertainty?
(a) He has an affinity for it
(b) He will never understand it
(c) He misunderstood it in the past
(d) It doesn’t make any sense

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Heisenberg claim about his attitude towards the bomb?

2. What did Heisenberg’s theory need in order to work?

3. Where was Bohr when Heisenberg accomplished his biggest scientific achievement?

4. Who was with Bohr when he worked out complementarity?

5. What is notable about Heisenberg’s accepting the chair at Leipzig?

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