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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Bohr claim he reacted to Heisenberg?
(a) With ignorance
(b) Calmly
(c) Angrily
(d) With confusion

2. What excuse does Bohr make for Heisenberg regarding this first stop?
(a) Everybody has always liked him
(b) He knew he was being watched
(c) He was trying to act invisible
(d) He was embarrassed about being a German

3. How do Bohr and Heisenberg greet each other?
(a) Angrily
(b) Indifferently
(c) Pleasantly
(d) Awkwardly

4. What does one need to fission the most common uranium isotope?
(a) Regular protons
(b) Fast neutrons
(c) Regular neutrons
(d) Fast protons

5. What did Heisenberg achieve in 1924?
(a) He got married
(b) He graduated from college
(c) He learned about the atom
(d) He finished his doctorate

6. What fallacious claim did Bohr initially make about fission?
(a) Cadmium is unnecessary
(b) Germany will never understand it
(c) The Americans must master it
(d) It cannot be used to produce weapons

7. What animal did Schrödinger use in his example?
(a) A rat
(b) A cat
(c) A dog
(d) A mouse

8. What uranium isotope is most common?
(a) U-238
(b) U-235
(c) U-17
(d) U-2

9. How has Bohr been treated by the occupying Germans?
(a) They have become his friends
(b) They have ignored him
(c) They have coddled him
(d) They have abused him

10. When was the last time Heisenberg had seen the Bohrs?
(a) Four years earlier
(b) Two years earlier
(c) Ten years earlier
(d) Nobody remembers

11. What is Bohr’s religious heritage?
(a) He is Catholic
(b) He is fully Jewish
(c) He is agnostic
(d) He is half Jewish

12. What segment of the population, important to Heisenberg and Bohr, has fled Germany because of the Nazis?
(a) Conscientious objectors
(b) Jewish scientists
(c) Apolitical scientists
(d) Jewish writers

13. Where did Heisenberg and Bohr first meet?
(a) At a lecture festival
(b) Through mutual friends
(c) At a party
(d) In a classroom

14. What is Heisenberg currently teaching?
(a) Nuclear physics
(b) He is not teaching
(c) Theoretical physics
(d) Fission

15. What does Heisenberg imply Weizsacker might have told Bohr?
(a) He would find protection at the German embassy
(b) He must hide his work from Margrethe
(c) Heisenberg wants to make amends
(d) He needs to flee Denmark

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Heisenberg’s justification for staying in Germany?

2. How does Heisenberg characterize their current situation?

3. What does Bohr initially think about Margrethe’s proposed activity?

4. What did Bohr agree not to talk about before Heisenberg arrived?

5. How does Heisenberg refer to Weizsacker?

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