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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Bohr refuse Heisenberg’s invitation?
(a) He has recently been there
(b) He is partially Jewish
(c) He has used all of his vacation time
(d) He is furious with Heisenberg

2. What did Heisenberg achieve in 1924?
(a) He got married
(b) He learned about the atom
(c) He graduated from college
(d) He finished his doctorate

3. Who is Elisabeth?
(a) Heisenberg’s daughter
(b) Bohr’s daughter
(c) Heisenberg’s assistant
(d) Heisenberg’s wife

4. How old is Heisenberg in relationship to the Bohrs’ eldest son?
(a) It is unclear
(b) The same age
(c) Older
(d) Younger

5. What animal did Schrödinger use in his example?
(a) A mouse
(b) A dog
(c) A rat
(d) A cat

6. How was the Gestapo monitoring Heisenberg?
(a) They weren’t
(b) With spies
(c) With microphones
(d) With aerial surveillance

7. What was unique about the game of cards that Heisenberg recalls?
(a) Heisenberg won
(b) They both won a lot of money
(c) They both lost a lot of money
(d) Bohr won

8. What segment of the population, important to Heisenberg and Bohr, has fled Germany because of the Nazis?
(a) Jewish writers
(b) Jewish scientists
(c) Apolitical scientists
(d) Conscientious objectors

9. Why is Heisenberg not in touch with the English physicists?
(a) Communications methods aren’t sophisticated enough
(b) Their countries are at war
(c) They are ignoring him
(d) He has fallen out with them

10. How do Bohr and Heisenberg greet each other?
(a) Pleasantly
(b) Angrily
(c) Awkwardly
(d) Indifferently

11. How does Margrethe insult Heisenberg when he first arrives?
(a) She tells him to leave
(b) She tells him he looks older
(c) She jokes about his wife
(d) She disdains German science

12. What is fired at in fission?
(a) Cadmium
(b) Carbon
(c) Plutonium
(d) Uranium

13. How many of the object of Heisenberg’s envy exist in the United States?
(a) None
(b) One
(c) More than thirty
(d) Thousands

14. What is the reason for the frequency of Bohr’s skiing and sailing trips?
(a) He is looking for distraction
(b) He needs the relaxation
(c) He has been busy with his science
(d) The areas are occupied by the Germans

15. What is Bohr’s religious heritage?
(a) He is fully Jewish
(b) He is agnostic
(c) He is half Jewish
(d) He is Catholic

Short Answer Questions

1. What metaphor does Margrethe use for their unanswered questions?

2. In what area did Bohr make his first big discovery?

3. How does Margrethe refer to Weizsacker?

4. Who is the elder of the scientists?

5. What did Schrödinger’s animal have with it?

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