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Film Viewing

Watch the BBC’s 2002 film adaptation of Copenhagen. Compare and contrast the two versions. What has been changed in the film adaptation? Why? Are the changes effective? Why or why not?


Write obituaries for both Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. How do the tones of the two obituaries differ? What similarities do they possess?


Divide the class in two and assign roles to the students – judge, jury, lawyers, etc. Have them argue the use of the atomic bomb in WWII.


Create two timelines, one for the life of Neils Bohr and one for the life of Werner Heisenberg. Where do the two timelines intersect?

Job Description

Write a job advertisement for a physicist. What qualities and characteristics are necessary for a physicist to possess?

Psychological Profile

Write a psychological profile of a scientist working for the Nazis.


Write a rulebook for physicists...

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